How do I prepare a commercial invoice for an import shipment (from EU to USA) when there are goods from 4 different suppliers on one pallet?

I’ve done a lot of research online on this, but I can’t find good information or examples.

My best guess is that I need to either: 1. Prepare one main invoice contaning details of all the products that are on the pallet. But, who would then be the seller/shipper on that invoice? – the factory (one of the suppliers) which assembles the pallet? OR 2. Prepare 4 separate commercial invoices – one for each manufacturer. However, I might be completely wrong.

I have a small business and already arranged pallet shipments from the EU to USA but with goods send from one supplier so I’m familiar with all the US CBP requirements regarding commercial invoice. However, I can’t find any rules for shipping goods from different suppliers within one shipment. Can someone please advise?


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