I have some questions about store shelving…

I run an eBay/mail order business out of my basement. Business has been so good (as well as other life events occurring) that I am moving to a bigger house with a bigger basement. Since I have to move everything anyways, I'd like to take this opportunity to replace the hodge-podge of mismatched and jury rigged shelves I have with something better. I've looked into it a bit and want to use the sort of gondola shelving found in most low-end department stores. Coincidentally, my local K-Mart store is closing, and they are selling off the fixtures… cheaply. The modular, easily adjustable shelves should provide a lot of flexibility. It seems most of that type of shelving is made by Lozier, Madix, and a few other companies. The stuff for sale at the K-Mart does not seem to be marked with any manufacturer's name. So, before I buy a bunch of it, I have a few questions:

The stuff seems to be modular, but how standardized is it? If I want more parts for it later, does it need to be the same brand? WIll a Lozier shelf attach to a Madix gondola for example?

If you've used any of it in your business, do you have a preferred brand or any other tips?

Where did you get your shelving?

Is there a way to identify the brand of the shelves at the K-Mart? I've noticed that Lozier and Madix shelves have their names stamped on the ends, so I don't think it's from them. But these don't have those markings that I could find.

Anything else I should know?


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