Starting a “food-business” online before making it a store?

So last week I head an idea whilst cooking. Perhaps not revolutionary, although I know that there isn't something quite like it where I live.

I've always thought I wouldn't follow the career-path my parents wanted me to follow, I've always had a passion for entrepreneurship. So I've decided to perhaps, try make this work.

Now, if I had more money then I do now I would have done the original plan, which would have been opening a small business in my city and then try and aim to take it online for retail. Problem is; I don't have that capital.

Now I watched an interview with Mark Cuban the other day and he said that one of the major reasons why small businesses fail is that they start their business on a loan. This is the reason why I'm writing this post.

I figured I might be able to gain some more and some traction, first taking my product online and try and market it before being able to sell it in a physical location (which is my end goal). I am new to this and I would really like all the help I could get from anyone. Whether it is that this won't work or if it perhaps will and wether it's a good/bad idea.

Thanks in advance.


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