Starting Dog Walking Business

Okay, I am very very new to this and my parents are helping me out since they run their own business, however I have basic questions.

I have been saving up for this and have money to start the business no problem. The thing is I have a few questions. Obviously with starting this business I will need to hire one other employee. However this requires that employee to hold the keys to a clients home. I will have bonded insurance as well as dog walking insurance. As far as legal forms go what do I need? Will I need to have a lawyer write up an agreement between me and the client, as well as another for all new employees and my business? This is one thing I am unsure of how to go about doing. (My girlfriend is taking part in this as well. She already walks dogs. However she does not really know what legal agreements her company has)

Sorry if this sounds so beginner-ish. I am learning as I go along and am going to take the next steps and plan everything out now that money is not an issue.


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