Copying and perfecting, is it viable? (Apologies if I step on toes)

I don't know whether this is the right place to ask such a question, however I will anyway. I know the people here are entrepreneurs and may dislike this which is why I beg your pardon if that is the case.

There are multiple things I learned when I got my dog 9 months ago. Mostly it was things I felt was an inconvenience. Dog-food, toys etc. And so one day I stumbled across a YouTube channel that was advertising for a company that was built around delivery of dog-food at a certain time every month. Simple premise, yet it was something I wanted.

Now as I live in Norway, this wasn't possible as they only delivered in the US. A few weeks go by and I see another ad for a company that had subscription dog-treat boxes. Again, I was super-intrigued although the same problem faced me, I couldn't have it in my country.

And so in my endless journey of finding purpose in life, which has been connected heavily to business and being an entrepreneur, a voice in my head said that I could try to create this in my country and perhaps see where it lead me.

Now here is where I need your help. I pride my self on not stealing ideas, although I want your in-put on this. Could you possibly make such a thing viable in other countries or is it unprofessional to even attempt such a thing?

If viable I would appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. I appreciate all of you readers' time.

Thank you very much.


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