How to bring freelancers into my agency

I run a small marketing agency. I'm finding that getting clients is easy at the moment but we're getting a lot of requests that I just can't handle.

For example – I've had 4 clients in the past week ask us to write some blog posts and press releases. Now, whilst I may be able to do these myself, I'm not as skilled as an actual writer and I don't really have the time right now.

Would it be realistic for me to get freelancers to work with us, or to have some sort of partnership with us? I don't want to outsource the work, I need someone who can have a company email address, and for all intents and purposes, work for us, but without a constant salary (none of us take salaries anyway). This is why I need freelancers.

Does anyone have any advice on how to bring people in? Anyone have any experience of doing this from either end (business or freelancer)

(I posted this to /r/smallbusiness, /r/Entrepeneur, /r/startups and /r/growmybusiness)


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