Need Some Feedback From Business Owners With Employees – Thanks!

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of launching a company, but I need to validate demand.

Idea: A B2B online survey software focusing on organizational/industrial psychology concepts such as employee engagement, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and management effectiveness.

Basically, a company would sign up, a special link would be provided with which the HR/Business Owner person would send out in an email to employees, they would take the survey, then the HR/Business Owner would login and see the results.

Results would be broken down by question, major component e.g. job satisfaction, and overall score.

The results would allow the company to identify strengths and weaknesses and take action.

Some of my competitors offer a subscription model, however, I would offer a one time fee. With that one time fee they could take the survey as many times as they want. They also only focus on employee engagement.

My question is: would this be valuable to your company? Would you pay money for it? My target audience would usually be businesses with 30 to 100 employees. I don't expect a lot of that size on here, but even for the smaller companies, do you think it's useful? Any feedback would be appreciated :).


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