When/how to speak in a more aggressive tone with clientele?

I started an online business this year focused on environmental issues. I have committed to donating a portion of profits to conservation efforts to 1) do good in the world, 2) for cause marketing. I decided to sponsor a beehive from a nearby beekeeper. In exchange for my $250 donation, I asked for a logo and some photos of their hives to use on my site and social media. After not hearing back for a week I inquired, and they assured me they were just busy. I have been emailing them once every week or two. Now they are not even replying to me. I don't feel as if I'm asking for very much, especially considering I donated $250. IRL I'm pretty furious, but I know professionally I can't let that come out. I feel as if I need to be more firm/assertive with them, and am looking for advice for how to approach this situation.

I should probably skip emails and call them, but I want to know what I'm going to say beforehand. How can I express my frustrations while still being professional?

Much appreciated!


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