Working with a local business

I am working part-time at a local framing gallery, and brought up how I wanted to get certified to my boss. She says she'd be happy to endorse the fee for me after I've worked for them full time for a year. The thing is I have two more years until I graduate from college. It seems like a pretty sweet deal to work for them though, and they're already having me help with the website and do photography for inventory. I already live in a house that's been paid off and my car is as well, so it seems like a pretty good deal to continue working for them. My sorority sister is currently working for them full-time and she says she gets benefits like insurance. I can't help but shake the feeling of guilt for being happy with a job that's slightly unrelated to my degree. I feel fulfilled by helping a local business though. What else can I do to help a local business flourish?


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