If you’ve got a minute, can I ask you a few questions? There’s a freebie for everyone who helps out.

Hey everyone, I'm a big fan of optimization and I love helping business owners improve their websites.

I've worked with many small business owners (some right here on reddit) who either have a website or are thinking about setting one up. One of the main concerns I hear is "How do I know my website is generating a return?"

So I've decided to put together a guide (100% free with ZERO sales pitch) that shows small business owners;

  • How to determine if your website is generating a positive or negative return

  • Which metrics and analytics you have to track if you want to be successful

  • General tips and tricks to help you get more sales directly from your website

So, before I put something together – I'd like to ask the /r/smallbusiness a few questions (so that I can make this little guide as valuable as possible). It will only take 5 minutes, and I'll personally email a copy of the guide to anyone who posts. Or I'll upload it and send a link over PM. Here are the questions –

  • Do you know how much revenue your website has brought in for you?

  • How do you judge the performance of your website vs. it's cost?

  • What are your biggest challenges when it comes to evaluating the performance of your website?

  • Would you prefer to get the guide emailed or PMed as a link?

I'd love to hear from both sides – people who have websites bringing in $$$ and people who have websites that just aren't moving the needle.

Thanks in advance everyone! With your help, I know this will be a very useful guide for everyone trying to improve their website 🙂


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