Ever marketed to HOAs?

Have any of you ever sold/marketed your product or service to a Home Owners' Association? I'm looking at getting into a small niche that would cater to communities like neighborhoods, apartment complexes and golf courses. And no I'm not mowing lawns!

In my area (and as I understand it) most HOAs are run by volunteers that live in the neighborhood. My guess would be most of these volunteers are either housewives filling up time or "resume builders." With HOAs that didn't have a specific contact person or website, how did you go about finding the decision maker(s)? Do most have some sort of monthly/quarterly town hall meeting? And if so, can anyone attend these?

I would also guess that most of these volunteers don't want to rock the boat by upping HOA dues (in the event that your product/service would more than likely cost the HOA money). Luckily my service is not expensive, but would still (seemingly) add value to the neighborhood. I would imagine if there is a pool of "leftover" money then this could be a quick/easy sell. In your experience do HOAs have extra funds to use as they see fit?

Ultimately just trying to learn more about the inner workings of HOAs in general so any information outside of these questions would be great.


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