Help needed to promote e-shop

My family owns and runs a high-end women's clothing shop in an affluent suburb of Athens, Greece. Recently we launched an e-shop and it is fully operational, however, we would like to know how to go about promoting it. We have a Facebook page with 15,000 likes (10,000 of which are bought) and an average like count of 100-200 per post. We also have an Instagram page with 10,000 followers and with 50-350 likes per post. We spend approximately 400 euros a month boosting posts on our social media.

I am responsible for promoting the e-shop and I am still in the brainstorming phase so I would really appreciate any advice or direction because I have very little experience in the matter but I am eager to learn. Some ideas I have thought of:

  • Approach Greek fashion pages with a large engagement from their fans on social media and ask them to share a post advertising the new e-shop. (Could possibly exceed budget for e-shop promotion purposes of 200-300 month)

  • Approach Greek celebrities for a similar purpose as the first point. Again, could exceed budget.

  • Possibly feature certain new items only on the e-shop. This could backfire because a lot of customers will look at the e-shop to browse products and then come to the shop to see the items in which they are interested in person. If we tell them some items on the e-shop are only available online while they are in the shop they may be understandably upset.

These are my ideas so far. I'm all ears! (or eyes I guess)


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