My nightmare of a story as a small business owner with Cayan the credit card processing company

This may run a little long so bare with me.

The whole issue started last week when I got a notification from my bank about insufficient fund in my account and my checks are bouncing. Confused as I was since I run a restaurant business my money should be deposited nightly into the account. When I go check the balance I found since I recently switched to Cayan as my processor on May 25th, none of my transactions as been deposited into my account. This is where the nightmare begins So I called into Cayan on their customer service and explained my issue, it turns out when the sales rep was setting up my account they had mixed up my bank account number completely and has been depositing money into into someone else's account. That's almost 50k in transactions that's wrongly deposited. Well ok simple, let's just fix the bank account so I can get my money properly deposited in the future and get this wrongly deposited batches back into my account. Turns out is not that simple, at least not for Cayan.

The customer service asked me to fill out a bank change request form and needs 2 to 3 days to get that changed. Meanwhile, my bank balance is at an absurd -30000 and I'm being charged all kinds of fees for the bounced checks and overdrafts. I asked to speak with a manager who can handle my case and get this done more urgently since it was beginning of the month and I have to pay rent, pay my suppliers, and pay salary to my employees. However, the way Cayan's customer service is set up they do not allow their floor managers to even speak to customers, even though they are right there. Customers can't be transferred to any manager's direct line either since the CS center is located in Ireland and they don't have direct contact with their American headquarters.

The only way to get any sort of resolution is to wait and wait and wait until someone in the management level feels like talking to you. For me that took 4 DAYS of begging and yelling over the phone for hours on the end to get a response from their Boston headquarters. Yes it truly took 3 days for them to change a bank account no matter how much you emphasize this is an extremely urgent matter, no matter how much you repeat to them that Cayan is royally screwing over my business and that I can't pay anyone because I have a negative balance. The give ZERO FUCK about your life and will constantly try to pin the issue on you the customer.

The story doesn't end when you FINALLY get into contact with a manager, apparently it's going to take 6-7 business days for them to get my money back. Just like their customer service reps, the managers are not much better, zero care for my issue, going by the script answers basically just telling me my issue doesn't matter and I just have to wait. No sense of urgency at all in handling my case and does not respond to e-mails.

If you are in the market for a credit card processor, don't bother with this pathetic company that advertises themselves as having excellent customer service. Pretty much any other company would have handled my case immediately and started the refunding process on day 1.

TLDR: CAYAN screwed up my bank formation and deposited my money to wrong account. Called in to fix the issue, took 4 whole days and hours on the phone to get on a phone with a manager who can handle my case and 1 week after I called in my refund process is just starting, which takes 6-7 business days. My business is being ruined by this shitty credit card processor.


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