Registered my business last year as non-profit in KS. Federal has it registered as S-Corp.

I started a business last year as a non-profit corporation in KS. I registered myself and think I somehow made a mistake during registration.

I was issued documents by the Secretary of State showing filing status as non-profit corporation. My EIN assignment letter from the Federal government showed I needed to file: Form-990, Form 944, and Form 1120.

I assumed Form 1120 was the correct form for a non-profit corporation. I found out during tax time that I was pretty far off base. State taxes had no problem being filed throughout the year, but in May 2017, the deadline for filing non-profit annual income taxes, my accountant could not find my EIN listed. He's now told me that I filed under an S-Corp…which I have no idea how that could have happened.

I did not file for 501(c)(3) status because we had too much paperwork to take care of and not enough income coming in to pay for all the work required.

Now I'm in a bind. Anybody have any advice? My accountant has gone radio silent.


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