Starting small or going big?

Ive had a women's clothing business idea for about 2 years now, but its only been an idea. Ive done surveys for my target market with about 200 replies validating that ill be solving a pain point, also its a pain point of mine too. My clothing idea is for a very niche market and there are already others doing similar things but their clothing styling are different and not doing well. Anyways i know where my customers are and how to get to them. Im wondering if i should start small such as sewing these clothing and slowly selling on esty OR going to a manufacturer and getting these clothes and setting up my website and going at it. Financially i have a good amount i saved up and can use. Not sure which route to take. I dont to go from 0-100 but at the same time, ive done quite some research those last 2 years and i know there are customers who need what i have to sell. But again maybe starting small will be better? At the same time im a little panicky if i start too slow/take too long, there can be someone else doing exactly what im doing.


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