Anyone have experience with off-road tours? particularly advertising?

I'm planning to start in December. All my permits are more or less in order, but aside from that I have little idea what I'm doing.

I'm going to have pamphlets at pickup locations, And nearby tourist spots, and obviously the number will be on the side of the jeeps. but aside from that I'm thinking just google search ads?

Also, how much seat space is acceptable per person? seems people usually use CJ6's with jump seats on the side, and crap six people in the back. that's about 17~ inches per person. If I did the same thing to the jeeps that I have acces too, there's about 33~ inches of possible seat space, which comes to about 16~ Inches per person. if I intend two people per seat. I figure it would work well for a parent/child, husband/wife?


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