Employment Agency. Need advice on splitting the monthly profits.

We're about to start a small employment agency. We'll be matching eastern european employees with polish employers.

James and John run their own web development business. They will:

  • develop, deploy and mantain the website.

James and John:

  • conection to Matthew who will provide us with business owners ready to hire people from the Eastern Europe.

  • connection to trusted laywer and accountant.

John will:

  • meet the employers interested in hiring.

Andrew is ukrainian but speaks fluent polish and lives in Poland. He works full time in a financial sector in a big corporation.

Andrew will:

  • meet the employers interested in hiring.

  • post the job offers.

  • be communicating with our clients (emails, phone calls).

  • be helping clients with the formalities, visiting city tax offices.

  • Andrew has a connection to Philip. Philip ran an employment agency in Czech Republic. Philip will provide employees looking for work in Poland.

Andrew, James, and John are founders. However, Matthew and Philip are vital to the business success. Philip will bring in employees. Matthew will bring in the business owners ready to hire. Matthew is well connected and can streamline the process of acquiring approvals for the workers.

What percent of the company profits should each person be entitled to?


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