When I am not able to hire a competent employee in a short period time, how bad is the idea of hiring just a relatively ‘okay’ person to get through the ‘tough times’?

I own a small English training school in Asia, we are in shortage of English teachers here, and we have been having trouble hiring qualified people for quite some time because we need guarantee of education quality, stability, and because of the nature of this business: teachers dealing with customers(students) directly and they often build a relationship, so bad service and frequent change of personnel can do bad damage to our public image.

But things have got to a point where I start feeling kind of desperate to do stupid things, but I need to know exactly how stupid it is, and what kind of mess I expect to clean after making this decision. So here's bit context, any help will really be greatly appreciated.

In a nutshell, we have too many students, and too few teachers. Students started getting angry that we can't provide them with enough classes. I have tried to have the current teachers work overtime and paid handsomely, but this measure has got to a point where it stopped working.

So with such desperation in my heart, I began to wonder how bad it could be to hire few 'okay' teachers to do the job temporarily. The ones I am talking about aren't disasters, they simply didn't meet my relatively high standard. And when they start the job, students will definitely see the difference but I don't think it will upset them too badly so they'd stop coming in, however hurting the brand is sure thing, so I am really tore..


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