Anyone ever fought “fake” reviews on Facebook?

Hey guys without going into much detail, my somewhat small business had a really bad run in with a unruly customer, he and an employee got into it over a mistake (that was the customer's mistake, honestly) and basically demanded his order (customized items) be free to which we agreed

Even after correcting our "mistake" he left us a review, 1 star of course, and then he "put a hit" out on us with his friends. I received at least 10, more like 15, 1 star reviews from people who have never set foot in our store. It killed our relatively small page. Went from 4.8 or 9 to 3.7.

I got a few friends to leave us good reviews, but as you can imagine, it would take a ratio of 5:1 to make up for the damage done.

Have you guys ever created or ran an incentive to review, other than asking? Would that be a little weird or unprofessional?

Has anyone ever contacted Facebook regarding "fake" reviews? I'm not sure how they could help, even if they would unless I guess I proved they have never been a customer.


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