New business is trying to poach my staff

A store in my area is expanding into carrying the products that my shop specializes in. They originally approached me about moving my shop into their new building as it's complimentary to their business, but I'm not interested in doing business with the owner and I have a great location already. They decided to go ahead and do it on their own, but they know nothing about the industry. Now they are trying to steal my staff! They approached one employee already who said no, and today I found out my store manager is interviewing with them. I understand that the employee is free to look for another job, but I don't appreciate the fact that the competition would have access to the knowledge of how I run my store. I taught this employee everything he knows about the business and he has been with me as I grew it. He's kind of a pain in the butt so I honestly wouldn't be heart broken to see him go, but I don't want my competition having access to the details of how my store works. There is no non-compete because way back when I hired this person I never considered I'd need one as I was pretty small still and it was an entry level position that grew over time. The new store won't be open for several months and I'm seriously considering firing the employee now. I no longer trust him as he knows this new business has been a thorn in my side for some time, yet has decided to go meet with them behind my back. Not sure how I should handle this one. If I do decide to fire him I would consult with an attorney first, but I think I have grounds based on a previous incident in which I had to write him up.

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