Sales & Use Tax Question

Hi everyone. I have a question about setting up my businesses properly and ensuring I am not overpaying the State Board of Equalization.

My business is a little complicated. I offer services in the entertainment industry as a professional sound engineer. When people hire me, I charge them a services rate PLUS an additional amount for an equipment rental based on what the job entails.

I use quickbooks to setup my finances, and use different Products for my services as well as the equipment – and those two Products in Quickbooks are assigned to their own income accounts.

This is where it gets complicated. I also have a product line, where I sell items in retail stores (I have about 10 resellers) as well as on my website and on

I am using to fulfill my sales, but the sales that happen directly through the website collects sales tax. I have technically no sales on my website yet because it has just launched.

Amazon sales have been going steady for about a year now…

Questions are as followed:

I believe Amazon takes sales tax out already – so the money I get is the money I get. Correct? Do I need to declare that on Sales and Use Tax as "Gross Sales"?

Second Question is similar to first: Do I have to declare all my income (including my services and rentals) as Sales and Use Tax "gross sales"?

Do I include the amounts sold to resellers?

Basically I don't understand what the gross sales is since I have so many different branches of income.

Hopefully someone can help clear this up? Thanks in advance!


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