Solution to replying to pre-sales and customer emails?

I'm pretty much a solo entrepreneur and it's really time-consuming answering the same questions over and over again via email.

Yes, I have an auto responder. Yes, the auto responder points them to a FAQ. It doesn't seem to matter. For some reason, my normally otherwise intelligent customers and potential customers tend to ask the same questions even if it's been answered in the product, on the product description page, and in the FAQ.

However, it's still very important to me that they get a speedy reply. Simply replying to their question can convert a potential customer into a paying customer and a new customer into a happy customer.

My attempt at a solution: First, I forwarded all my emails to a help desk ticketing system. Next, I hired a virtual assistant firm to handle the tickets using the FAQ. They promised a 24-hour response time but never met it. Fired them, hired another firm. Same thing.

Is this just me? Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found a solution? If so, what was it? How much did it cost?


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