Start up dealing with new departments

Hey there everyone, I started working at a startup last year, part-time while I was still studying, I started out helping in the customer service. As I was the only one there, I kind of created the rules. However as the company is based on Holocracy, structure is still not there. Because I was the most experienced CSR when we needed more CSR peeps, I became the manager. The thing is, I since quit my uni, and started working full time, I think it's an amazing job, and the company has insane potential. I think my knowledge in CS and CX has grown immensely though. However I feel stuck, I don't have the experience to start up a department. We have a team of 4 now, and I manage it in a way, but it's pretty unstructured.

We're an ecommerce company relying on marketing and a strong product in a relatively unsatisfied field. (We create and sell high quality jewelry for men)

Do you guys have any advice for me on how to start a department?


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