Gated content + how to get initial distribution?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the DIY business (sell customized name bar necklaces via Etsy and other channels) and I've been curious about content marketing (and less so about social media — still not sure about what ROI comes from it, given my small team's limited time/resources).

I found this piece on gated content curious. I like the options of creating lower investment templates like tip sheets, templates, etc — and how to tie all that back into direct ROI through lead generation.

There are examples of using as a landing page (really like that site, has anyone else tried this?), how to nurture leads, and eventually ungating content.

With that said, how would you recommend I get people to my gated content in the first place asides from linking through Etsy and my customer email signatures (I'm thinking, say, a necklace fashion guide or something of that sort)?


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