Cloud based accounting solution suggestions for some (possibly) unique needs?

We have a business that does the financial management of a number of apartment complexes. Here are a few things we do (on the financial side, at least):

  • We create financial statements each month, collect receivables, pay invoices, etc. etc.
  • Every month, we issue each owner of every apartment an invoice that they have to pay for maintenance of the apartment (so hundreds of invoices go out each month)
  • We are constantly lining up contractors to do work on the apartments, and therefore are paying the bills for the apartment complexes (using their cheques/money)

What I'm finding is that the software we use has a few frustrating limitations. Namely:

  • I cannot share a single Vendor list across all our clients. A large set of vendors do work for all of our clients, so I don't want to have to create the same Vendor record 12 times.
  • I hate having to manually create invoices each month that are always going to be the same
  • I want to be able to connect to the software via an API, if possible, to tie into our custom CRM.

That's what I can think of off the top of my head. I want to automate a lot of things, too. I do software dev too, so I'm in the process of building my own solution. However, I'd MUCH rather prefer some other solution for this aspect of the business.

Any of you have any suggestions?


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