Help finding consumer stats on individual training vs video training?

Hi guys, my question is a bit long so I hope my title wasn't too confusing.

Basically I'm creating a video training program on a specific industry with a specified set of goals. The current industry standard is personalized coaching to train you on the subject.

I feel very confident that the video content I plan to produce will be quality content capable of achieving the same results of the individualized service. Up to a point of course, but that will be clearly laid out in my service offer.

What I'm struggling with is finding some good real world examples to compare to for pricing points. For example, if the individual coaching to achieve the same goal as my program would typically cost $500, what type of price points should I be aiming for with my service that will accomplish the same goal?

I'm of course not interested in a hard, static ratio or anything. Just some other real world examples of services that already contain these types of training options, and how do they typically tend to compare. I've got some basic ideas already in mind, but as far as anything resembling something solid I'm at a loss.

Just curious if any of you would have some resources I may be able to check out, or some examples of industries that already utilize these types of services that would allow me to derive some useful data to help come to my own conclusions.

Also if at all possible, I'm kind of curious as to what ratio people tend to prefer the one on one or classroom type training, to the self help video style side. I know it will be a much smaller subset, but as far as realistic estimates I'm no where close.

Any help would be pretty awesome and appreciated. Look forward to hearing any feedback!


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