Need advice on collecting an unpaid invoice

Hi… I am looking for some advice on how best to resolve an unpaid invoice. We are a small business located outside the US and back in January we supplied ~$9k of a custom widget to a business located in Utah.

  • Parts left our facility on Jan 18
  • Invoice was sent on Feb 8
  • No mention of payment due date was made on the invoice, but previously they typically paid within 30 days
  • The parts were delivered to a 3rd party warehousing and fulfillment center (located in Utah). Arrived roughly 1 month after they shipped out.

At this point multiple follow up emails have been sent. One person on the other end usually responds and encourages the people who control the money to pay, but nobody else replies. I am ready to do something else and looking for advice on how best to move forward.

  1. Small claims court? Apparently Utah has a $10k limit, so we could theoretically get paid the full amount. But we are not located in the US. Travel to Utah might be possible, but not repeatedly or for longer than a few days. Realistically it would probably be a net loss if we do that, though.
  2. Further harassment? I'm willing to try other lightweight approaches, just not sure what would be effective.
  3. Debt collection services?
  4. Threaten to reclaim the unpaid inventory? Not ideal since this is the only buyer for the widget. Scrap value is negligible.
  5. Initiate legal action of some sort in our home jurisdiction?
  6. Something else?

At the end of the day we just want to get paid and continue running the business. Spending a lot of time handling this is not going to be possible. Would ideally like to preserve the business relationship.

Given all that, does anyone have advice on how to get paid and get on with what we do? Extra weight given to any answer that mentions why your advice should be good (background in dealing with this sort of thing, etc.)



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