How do I get out of my business?

Hi everyone,

About two years ago I started a small web development agency with a few friends. In that time we've gone from 4 to 14 employees and are currently doing about $2.5 million in annual revenue.

Though we've been successful, I haven't been happy because I feel the overworked and under-compensated. I've come to the point where believe I'd be better off with a "regular" job – I've found one where I can work less (only 8 hours/day!) and make significantly more money (about 50% more) personally.

So here's the problem: My partners don't want me to leave because they believe that the company will fail if I do (I make about half our sales and manage our three biggest clients that make up ~60% of revenue). However, they claim that it's "unfair" that I should make more money than them or that I should get additional equity – the only things that would make it worth it for me. They also refuse to dissolve the company.

I'm afraid that if I leave and the company does fail, I'll end up with significant financial and/or legal liabilities.

How can I "swear off" the company while it's still in good shape? I don't want to fight and I don't want them to fail at all – I just want to take this new job and move on.

Please help 😦


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