How to gently word a weight limit warning for large clients?

We are a small tattoo shop and have specialty chairs to do tattoos from that move and flex in different ways from, say, a standard pedicure chair or massage table. They cost around $1,200 each and have an upper weight limit of 380lbs due to internal hydraulics.

Recently we had a large customer who broke a chair, the hydraulics got messed up and it no longer functions in the same way. We want to put up a sign and add a caveat to the consent forms to cover us. Not only so that customers will be aware that they need to inform us so that alternate seating can be made available (we have a chair that can take up to 500lbs but it's a standard chair and not what we generally want to tattoo off of) AND to make them contractually liable for any damages to these expensive chairs/ make us NOT liable if the chair breaks and results in injury due to their weight.

How do I say this without becoming a local news story?


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