Business owners of Reddit, what is the best way for me to approach you with buying something your business has but doesn’t normally sell?

I'm interested in buying items that you would most likely discard or otherwise recycle – things that are byproducts of what you're selling/producing.

Some examples that I can think of…

  • Buying cracked or otherwise broken windshields from an auto repair shop/windshield replacement shop

  • Buying shorted circuit boards from a repair shop or computer retailer

  • Buying liquor/beer/wine bottles from bars

  • Buying scrap wood from a lumberyard/carpenter's shop

  • Buying… well… you get it.

How should I approach your business? I'm imagining that I wouldn't get far by just walking in the door and making my offer to an employee, so should I request a manager? What about asking to speak with an owner?



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