Looking for 1 person for our accountability group

Hi all,

I run a small accountability group. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month over google hangouts from 7:30pm – 9 pm EST. We meet 1-on-1 on the weeks we don’t have group meetings to check in with each other for 30 mins or so.

Over the last few years with the help of this accountability I have done a lot 1. Fixed my sleep schedule (go to sleep at 8:30 wake at 3:30 ish am), 2. Meditate everyday 3. Follow a strict IF diet 4. Fixed my fashion 5. Went from an introvert to being pretty social 6. Went from procrastinating a lot to becoming extremely productive 7. In the very initial discovery phase of starting a business in SV 8. Dropped 50 lbs 9. Finished my phd from a top 3 US university.

Another 2 people have started their own companies. We have 2-3 members who attend regularly and have 1 open position if you are interested in learning leadership skills. I think the best accountability/mastermind relationship happens when you know and trust the other person, as a result regular voice/video chat is a must.

So we have a 75% attendance requirement (over 2 months), and an organized structure for efficiently conducting the meetings.

Please fill out this form, if you are interested: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=fLNjQzxf10-lYZQxMdt4vIC3uQN3FzpDrq1951989lNUQzRaTTlSMEVEMVJJMlZJUVNJVUdTT0U2Sy4u

Have a great weekend!


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