A comprehensive list of every iOS app and method I use to create content for my Instagram (169k), Facebook (72k), and Twitter accounts (54k). (x/post from r/entrepreneur)

I originally posted this to r/entrepreneur and figured you guys would like to give it a read! Hopefully it helps some of you who are just starting out.

Hey r/Entrepreneur,

After reading u/voscility’s post, I figured that I would try and add some value to this sub. I actually helped a buddy out with all this information yesterday, and I thought that some of you guys could definitely benefit from it.

I’m not going to link to my social media accounts unless you guys would like me too and I have no affiliation with any of these apps. These are the ways I figured out how to do everything from growing the account from 0 to 165k. I post quite a bit of memes, gifs/videos with text above them, and create a lot of graphic design images. I will try and go as in depth as possible! Feel free to ask any questions or clarify anything I put that doesn’t make sense. If you have a better way of doing something, comment it!

My methods are what I use to create mainly memes and viral-type content, but you can use them to create content for whatever type of account you are running, doesn’t have to be memes because I know memes are not appropriate for many types of businesses.

My #1 Recommendation

GET YOURSELF AN IPHONE 7 PLUS WITH AT LEAST 128GB OF MEMORY. I can’t really stress this enough. It could just be my preference, but I have seen friends and coworkers create content on their iPhone 5s and then when I look at it on my phone, it is grainy and blurry. Not to mention it is much slower creating graphics on an older phone. My iPhone is a literal substitute for my computer and for an iPad. I pay like $45/month through apple for it and I think that if you’re serious about social media, you should think about investing in one yourself. I’ve never been an Android guy, so if you use an Android and it works for you, great. But I still say iPhones are king for social media.

My iPhone Apps (Not sure if they’re available on Android)

#1 – Canva (Both Desktop and Mobile) App Store Link

Canva is the holy grail of graphic design. With it, I have created nearly every single meme, website graphic, header images, blog images, email templates, you name it. It is the absolute easiest and straightforward tool I have used. The only thing I don’t like about Canva is the lack of ability to outline text or add any shadows, but that’s alright, I highly recommend it.

#2- InstaSize

What I Use it For: I use InstaSize mainly to add an image to a square, white background to leave space above for text. This is pretty much the standard meme format these days. You can add text with InstaSize, but Canva IMO has a wider selection of higher quality fonts and freedom for styling fonts.

#3 – SquareFit

What I Use it For: I use SquareFit for creating videos with text above them. If you have a video file on your phone, you can upload it to SquareFit, center it, add text to it, watermark it, add shapes, colored backgrounds, or their stamps (which I’ve never used). I think that you can only work with videos up to 1 minute long, but since that’s the limit on a single post in Instagram, I’ve never had a problem with it.

#4 – GifShare

What I use GifShare For: I use GifShare to turn gifs into videos in pretty much the same way I use InstaSize and Canva. If you have a gif and want to post it to Instagram, it needs to be a video. Upload the gif to the app, and leave some space above to add text. I don’t recommend adding text inside GifShare, because when you export it, it usually saves off-centered and gets messed up in the process. Save the now video to your phone, then open up SquareFit to add your text and watermark, then post to IG.

#5 – Repost

What I Use Repost For: I use Repost to literally repost videos from other IG posts. Depending on what the video is, or if I am exchanging a post with an account, I may or may not leave the little watermark with the OP’s username on it. Choose either light or dark, whichever looks better on that specific video. To repost without the OP’s watermark, you have to pay for the app, which I recommend doing if you’re constantly finding yourself needing the app and you can repost unlimited videos. If you don’t have explicit permission to repost another accounts video, always use their watermark. Really no account will get mad if you repost their video and they’re credited in both the caption and on the actual video.

If you have a video that somebody Direct Messaged you on IG, you can save it to your phone directly from the DMs. Just press and hold down on the video (while it’s still small and the text box is visible, not when it’s full screen and the video is playing or it won’t work) and you can choose either “save” or “report.” Obviously, choose to save.

#6 – Enlight

What I use Enlight For: I use Enlight if I ever need any tools that match with Photoshop tools. I know there’s a Photoshop iOS app, but I’ve been using Enlight for a while and it’s never let me down. With this app, you can mix and blend images together. So if you wanted to combine 2 photos and make them look seamless, use this app. Once you mix the images, you can erase parts of the image, blend and overlay them, rotate, etc with pretty precise precision. You can also heal images to remove blemishes, add filters, tilt-shift, decals and quite a bit more features that make enlight a core app for me.

I also use Enlight to create actual memes like the OG memes with the white font outlined in black on the top and/or bottom of the image.

#7 – Flipagram

What I use Flipagram for: I use Flipagram really only to add music to a video, speed it up, slow it down, or to duplicate a short video (<5 seconds) to make it 1 minute long so that it loops seamlessly on IG. One thing I’ve found with Flipagram, is that when you add a popular song to the video and try to post to IG or Facebook, it will almost always get taken down because the music is copyrighted and the song tags or something must be attached to the audio files that Flipagram uses. I’ve found a way around this, but it’s pretty annoying to do so if a video is taken down, I’ll try and find a different, less popular song or just post without the music.

The way around the IG/FB copyright violation for music added to a video is by using iMovie on your phone.

  1. Upload the video to iMovie
  2. Add new file
  3. Choose Voiceover
  4. Get an external speaker of some sort that is capable of playing quality music at a decent volume and make sure the room you are in is quiet.
  5. Press record on the part of the song that you want in the video.
  6. Export the video and post to FB or IG.
  7. This should not violate any copyrights because there are no tags attached to the audio now. In the eyes of IG or Facebook, it’s just a voiceover. I don’t guarantee this will work, but it has worked for me in the past, but I’ve also been banned for a couple days after trying to post a video with a copyrighted song too many times. Try this at your own risk.

How to Download ANY Video to your iPhone from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

When I was starting, this was a HUGE inconvenience to me whenever I found a twitter or Facebook video that I wanted to repost and had to do it on the computer all the time. Since the older apps like TwitterDownloader and the like got deleted from the app store, I had to use my many years of pirating music and movies to kind of duct-tape something together to get the videos on my phone. Again, if you don’t have permission to repost, then don’t do it or you’ll get banned.

I mostly am downloading random videos that I can turn into content for my accounts. This part is kind of long, so bear with me!

The Apps You’ll need to download videos from FB, YouTube or Twitter directly to your iPhone camera roll are…

#1 – Puffin Internet Browser

Puffin is an internet browser I found a while back that supports Adobe Flash on your iPhone, which does not support flash in browsers like Safari or Chrome. It actually comes in handy more than you’d think if you ever need to accomplish something that you’d normally need a desktop/laptop for.

2 – iCloud Storage or Dropbox

Here are the steps to download videos from either Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to your Camera Roll

  1. Copy the direct link to the Twitter/FB/YouTube Video
  2. Open Up the Puffin Browser
  3. For Facebook Videos, go to: http://www.fbdown.net
  4. For Twitter Videos, go to: http://www.downloadtwittervideo.com/
  5. For YouTube Videos, go to: http://www.keepvid.com/
  6. Enter the URL into the appropriate website for whatever type of video you are downloading
  7. Click Download.
  8. A box should popup titled “Downloads” with 3 choices of where you’d like to save your video: “Local Storage, Dropbox, Google Drive”
  9. Choose “Local Storage.” This will save it to your downloads folder inside of the Puffin Browser. If you choose Dropbox, you’ll have to login to your dropbox account within the app everytime, which gets annoying. The way I’m showing you allows you to use the Dropbox app on your phone
  10. Go to your Downloads Folder inside the Puffin Browser. You’ll find it by clicking on the very top right button in the browser (with the 3 horizontal lines), then it’s the button with the down arrow and the correct folder is titled “Downloads” and should say “Local Storage” underneath.
  11. Click the top file that should be an .mp4 file of the video you just downloaded. It might have some random series of numbers as the filename, that’s okay, just make sure it’s a video file.
  12. Click on it, then choose either “Add to iCloud Drive” (recommended) or “Save to Dropbox” (takes a bit longer)
  13. Save the file as a name you’ll remember in iCloud or Dropbox. I recommend iCloud because I think it actually saves longer videos way faster than Dropbox does.
  14. Exit out of Puffin, then open up iCloud Drive.
  15. Find the video file, then click “Save Video”
  16. And Viola! It’s now a video file in your camera roll that you can post wherever you want!

I hope this helps some of you! I have been a longtime member of the sub and realized I haven’t really added any value yet. So lets make r/entrepreneur great again.

Feel Free to ask any questions!


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