Advice on hiring a marketing/sales consultant

Hi, I am looking for any advice you guys have on hiring someone to handle the marketing/sales side of my business.

Background: I started an architectural 3D rendering business early this year and I'm currently receiving 95% of my work through my current employer (I work as a building designer). I am contracting the rendering to my brother and I am completing the modelling myself. I've also completed a marketing diploma a few years back due to a previous employer sponsoring me through the course (so I have some decent base knowledge)

The problem is, I just don't want to be involved in the marketing/sales process (am I allowed to have that attitude?). I have spoken with local marketing companies and they are only interested in the strategy, they're not really interested in the daily grind (blogposts, social media, seo, email marketing, CRM etc) and they certainly can't help with the selling (door to door, phone, CRM etc).

So my question is, where do I find someone to handle that for me and what pay structure should I hire them on? Ideally i'd like to hire someone on commission (fee per client). Are there people out there that handle both marketing and sales, or am I looking at two different roles? Also do you think I will struggle to find someone experienced due to the size and age of my business?

I'm in Australia if that helps and the business is B2B (either selling directly to builders of via building designers/architects as a middleman).

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any advice.


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