Help! Trying to find a registered importer for importing a small food cart/trailer

I really need advice. I ordered a food cart / trailer from Alibaba and everything was going smoothly up to the last two days of shipment. I was made aware by the customs broker (Livingston International) that the trailer will require a Registered Importer (RI) due to the trailer/cart not having a VIN.

While the manufacturer argued that this was not required in the past due to HTS 8716.39.0090 not being a motorized. If there are lawyers or experienced importers that can advise on this, it would be very helpful.

The shipment is arriving in the port of Philadelphia in 25 days. It appears there is only one RI in the area. He charged me $2500 without even reviewing the IFS or Bill of Landing. There should not be much if any work required on the trailer but what scares me most is the contract where I hold all the liability plus additional charges.

What are my options? Can someone recommend an alternative RI? Tried calling Office Vehicle Import Reg but no one has returned my call.


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