Service based businesses – i.e. massage, hairstylist.. how did you build up your clientele?

Hello all!

I offer a service and see clients out of my home office – but it's too slow to grow and I want to maybe join a practice. What worked and DID NOT work for you?

So far, networking has been a lot of time, some time wonderful, and I find a lot of therapists are just meeting with me to scope me out and try to get a hard line on techniques so they can incorporate them with their clients. I had a hard lead once, and the manager liked what I did SO MUCH she took a similar training program that was much shorter and online 😦 I find I am investing and giving away a ton of free sessions only to inspire others. My ROI insofar as time spent is trash.

Tell me about writing articles, does FB help? How are your web analytics!



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