What kind of consultant should I seek out to discuss financing options for a brick and mortar business?

I'm working on starting an entertainment/activity business in my city. It would be the third location of this business that's doing well in the other 2 locations. My startup costs involve a lot of construction, so they are looking pretty significant. I've discussed what my financing options are with my SBA rep, but to be honest, he wasn't much help. His primary message was, "Whatever you do, don't offer part of your business to investors." Great advice, but my initial investigation is suggesting that might not even be an option.

I'm looking for someone to help me choose a financing strategy that would be good for my business. There are literally hundreds of ways I could structure an investor deal, but I have no sense of what would be fair for both parties. Investors seem to all want a piece of the business, but the only advice I have so far has been to avoid that at all costs. Is there a type of consultant out there that specializes in this? When I search for "financing consultant" or "financial advisor," I'm pulling up personal advisors, not business ones. Specifically, someone who could discuss the advantages/disadvantages with crowd-funding, traditional investors, venture capital, angel investors, etc. Any suggestions?


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