I don’t even know where to begin! Story inside!

So I work for a family-owned business that transports cars to and from Alaska. The family made some smart moves early on, so we own all of our equipment, property, etc. I was hired to market the business, maintain social media accounts, place orders, but I have now been given the task of finding ways to save the company money.

We do about $250k a month in credit card transactions; we don't take personal checks or Amex. My boss brought me into her office and we started talking about ways to cut costs and let's just say I'm shocked, to put it mildly.

Let me clear some thing up real quick for clarification; my boss K is a co-owner with her husband R. R was a trucker all his life and could care less about social media, advertising, and anything that involves using modern technology.

K, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to promote the business and streamline the entire business from top to bottom.

K has a huge heart and she made some huge mistakes when it came to tech. She paid over $150k to some guy to set up a dedicated server that was ancient when she had it set up years ago. He said he could build a website from scratch, basically he told her everything she wanted to hear and then when K caught on that he was playing her, he vanished.

I'll try to be as clear an concise as possible. The biggest hurdles we face are:

1)We have a competitor that claims to be based here in Alaska. We have a VERY similar name, which they chose on purpose. They have a local phone number but they're just a bunch of brokers sitting in an office in New York. They have used our documents, which my boss didn't copyright… When people ask for K or R by name, they claim to be us and they tell customers that K or R "retired and now I am in charge". They have a very nice looking website and spend a ton on advertising. They have a D+ rating on BBB.

2) Our dedicated server. I have tried to K that we need to get rid of our on-site server and hook up with AWS. Our IT guy, Z, maintains our site as a side-gig because he has a major contract with the state. Z is a good guy but he doesn't have the time to fix the most simple of issues.

3)Merchant services. We are paying $90+/mo just for the simple card-reader and pin pad. We don't take personal checks or AMEX. Our average transaction is ~$1500 and our largest regular transaction is ~$3500. We are getting screwed as far as merchant services go.

I am on mobile and I want to type more, but I want to see what reactions I get and I'll respond accordingly.


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