I have a small cosmetics company, and would like to start a Youtube channel where I critique popular cosmetics. Is this a good idea?

I have a small skin care/cosmetics company and the main component that has helped me gain customers and interest was me discussing a lot of the issues with common cosmetics. I would go to a meeting, explain that common skin cleansers cause acne, fragrance causes sensitive skin, essential oils cause irritation, and how virtually every product has at least one issue that can be detrimental to skin. I would then explain how my products have none of that, which helped with selling the product.

I would like to start a Youtube channel where I critique common products that you would buy at major stores like Target, Sephora, Macy's etc. and either say what is good about this product (I am ok with complimenting competitors if I like the product, and I do not make something similar) or what is an issue with the product and what skin ailments it may cause.

My concern is that this may seem like a conflict of interest because I am in the cosmetic market myself, and it will appear that I am only critical of these products to sell my own, which is how I feel about the skin care brand Paula's Choice and their critique site Beautypedia. Although my critiques may drive business to my product, I am also motivated to educate others about skin care and how to pick out the right products. In the videos I wouldn't use it as an advertisement for any products I would sell. I would probably just link to my main company's website in the description and thats it. I make separate videos for my own products and would keep the two separate.

Any input on this would be appreciated.


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