Son Trying to Help Dad with Struggling Swedish Car Repair Shop

Hi all,

I'm currently a senior college student, and my dad's asked me for help with his Swedish car repair shop. Business, compared from May 2016 to May 2017 is down by 20,000 USD.

Part of the reason is that we used to have a very charismatic manager who left (and his replacement, while a nice guy ,doesn't have the charm that the old manager had) and part of it is our lack of online presence.

I feel like pushing out our online presence with an instagram, facebook, twitter, and google ad words is a good way to get our name out (paper advertising costs 4000 dollars a month and has a very low conversion rate, so online advertising seems to be a cheaper and more effective option), since it seems like many of our customers are regulars once we service them.

Some of my ideas include creating practical videos on youtube for car owners (such as changing a flat tire on a Swedish car, topping off coolant, etc.) and maybe linking to those from Twitter. Maybe we could also take pictures of our cards and post those to instagram.

Are there any suggestions that you have as business owners that could help out with our situation? If I missed out on some key information, please let me know, and I'll provide it if I can.


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