Would it be in bad taste to ask for help from customers?

Hello long time lurker first time poster. I own a very small coffee roasting business which has been completely self funded, no loans, no help in starting up, nothing. Maybe not too smart but that's just how things worked out. Up till now everything has been pretty straight forward, roast coffee, go to farmers markets, go to craft shows, easy. Now I am having to expand (more orders, larger shows, wholesale, and quality issues) the only downside is that in order to expand I have to buy a larger coffee roaster. Right now my profit margin is fairly low I'm not losing money but at the same time I'm not gaining enough to be able to jump into a new machine. Now on to my question, I've been tossing around how to fund a new machine, so far I have family that is interested, theres always a bank or personal loan, I've also thought about and have worked on a kickstarter or indigogo campaign, and or basically asking for money at the various events we do.

Would it be in bad taste to basically ask for money at various events we do? My thought is it would basically be an add on or donation thing, where people can either tatch on a buck or two onto their purchase or donate directly. Of course there would be information and about us etc. just like an kickstarter or indigogo it would just be in person instead of online. Any input would be awesome!

Tl;dr I want to ask people for money to help expand my business, like an in person kickstarter or indigogo.


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