Does anyone run and manage a convenience store remotely?

Hi all,

I own two shops. Whilst one is 90% run by staff, with me spending all day every day in the second, I still feel fairly stretched between managing the two. I want to try and set up the first shop in a way that is 100% run by staff and I can manage and monitor everything remotely from my other shop. I was wandering if anyone has any experience in owning and managing a newsagency without physically being there?

At the minute, I'm really pushing to get an EPOS system (which I can connect to via the internet) in there so I can then manage stock control but after that I'm not really sure what my plan of attack should be, what I need to consider etc.

Does anyone have any advice etc for me?

Would it be possible for me to speak to anyone about how to do this and what I need to consider etc?

Many thanks all!


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