Turning an idea into something more?

Heya guys,

Firstly I hope that this type of post is allowed here and if so I thank everyone and anyone in advance for any sort of response!

As it stands, all I have is an idea, a concept. While I believe it is fairly strong I lack the knowledge or contacts to move this forward.

Ideally what I would be looking for is a partner, someone with experience in running a startup. Obviously the idea has been discussed with a small handful of people and when moving forward, there is the chance holes could be poked left right and centre. I am not naive to this and while I believe this could go somewhere, I can only assume there are matters I have overlooked.

When speaking to people is there anything I should be wary of? Are there any key questions I should be asking? Is there anywhere you would recommend asking such questions?

I myself obviously have a skill set to bring to the table, but sadly it is sales orientated and would come into play further down the line.

Anyhow, thanks for listening to me ramble and again thanks in advance for any advice or replies.


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