Not enough income to hire help, but too much work to do myself. Help!

This is a very common problem with small businesses. I am curious as to what others have tried themselves when faced with this same situation.

Background: My business is web development & photography. I left my full time job in January because I had a ton of freelance work and more on the way. I created an LLC and made it official for 2017. The work that I do and the relationship that I have with my clients is really good. I continue to get repeat business and get inquires from new prospective clients. I'd love to focus on growing the business and less on the actual web development & photo work.

The problem that I have is: 1. I work way too much and have no time for anything else. 2: The clients hired "me". So if someone else was doing the work, there would need to be some exchange of how they are getting their work delivered. 3: Some of my work is contracted where I go into an office. I obviously can't outsource that.

I am wondering what others have done in this situation. I can easily go full time for my main contracted job and finish off the contracts for the others. I could also hire help but I haven't set my business up for multiple people and don't really know how that works yet. I don't have enough money in the business to pay someone what they'd deserve, yet.


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