How I managed to put my Etsy shop on a higher level – $400 a Week and keep rising!

For the past little while I've been doing this method and since I figured out a new twist to scale it up I figured I'd release the basic method – it's been earning me on average about $800/week in Etsy. After all my costs about half of that is profit.

Selling on Etsy is a great way to work on your craft and turn a profit in the process. It puts your work in front of people who are ready to buy.

Competition on Etsy is quite tough. There are many sellers also hoping to get attention to their products. You need traffic to your store. Without people looking at your Etsy listings, you won’t get sales.

Step 1:

Create an Etsy account and start a shop

Step 2:

Go to AliExpress and look for cheap items (up to $5 per item) that don't look like total crap. Download item's picture and return to etsy!

Step 3:

Add the items into your Etsy shop and set your base price to something roughly $30 – $39 dollars and then set shipping to $10 US, $25 rest of the world.

Step 4

Here are five tactics that’ll help you get more traffic to your Etsy store.

  • Kick it up on social media: Pinterest and Facebook groups Once you get 1-2 sales I'd start spending on Facebook advertisements which I found to be rather effective. Thing like Stumbleupon may work as well.

  • Get found on the Etsy search engine There are loads to learn in the art of optimizing your store and listings for the search engine. Check out the Etsy Seller Handbook.

  • Dress up your storefront Photos are the lifeline of online shops like Etsy. Buyers love photos that show off the product’s best feature. If it’s something that can be worn, make sure you have a model photographed wearing it.

  • Start a blog Don’t be afraid to get self-promotional. A blog is another venue for you talk about your products and let your audience in on the creator behind the products and a bit deeper into your creative process.

  • Be known in your niche Look up sites that welcome guest posts. There’s also no harm in asking websites if they’d be open for a guest author to write an article for their site. Make sure that your pitch isn’t all self-promotion.

Beyond that I'm afraid we've tapped out my knowledge so far of Etsy, I am sure there are people who are far better at organic traffic and at Etsy selling than I am. So experiment with their concepts and see how you can bring it to Etsy to earn on these high margin items.

You can read detailed explanation of each step here

Share your experience with Etsy so we could earn even more!



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