Destroy My Idea.

I'm a college student that has had three "start-ups" off funny/stupid ideas. None of them made more than a few thousand, but I never spent more than 6 months working on them. Over those experiences I've learned how to market my ideas and drive traffic on a very small budget. Examples of What I've Done (no paid marketing):

  • I was able to create a YouTube video and drove 20k views which resulted in traffic and sales.
  • I wrote a piece of content that got about 8k views from Reddit & Facebook for free.
  • Created Android apps that got 100k+ downloads

My Idea I'm thinking of starting a Growth Hacking Agency specifically for businesses targeting Millennials/College & High School Students. I feel I have the ability to sit down and brainstorm creative marketing strategies that can go "viral" on social media. I also have learned a lot about Facebook Ads and other marketing techniques (but I have never had much money to use these methods)- I think with funding I could be successful here too.

My Product Would Be… I talk with the client and determine their goals (ie: more sales, more exposure, etc). Then I sit down and brainstorm creative content that I can create for them. Finally I will promote it via social media or other outlets and show the client the results I generated.

So what do you think? Would your business be interested in working with me if I charged a reasonable price to begin with?

Let me know what you think of the idea. Point out any and all flaws!


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