New to Reddit, new to owning a small business, and need some advice… my husband is stressing me out.

I've heard some amazing things about the reddit community, but for whatever reason have never jumped in. But today, my husband was seriously stressing me out about his concerns over the small business I started, and I really don't know where else to turn except this type of forum… if there is a different subreddit where this type of post would better belong, please let me know and we can move this discussion there.

A little background, I am a stay at home mom of three children (ages 6.5, 5 & 1.5), and am 8 months pregnant with our 4th kiddo… So I really don't need any extra stress. But I'm either completely crazy, or a glutton for punishment, because I started a custom printed tee shirt business through Shopify at the beginning of the month. I've watched multiple YouTube videos and various "free" webinars where at the end you are pitched a several thousand dollar value mastermind class on how to "rock" your Facebook ads and make a ton of money part time selling shirts online… But I don't have the capital to invest in those, so I'm learning as I go. That being said, I understand it will take a real chunk of time and money invested in trial and error before I start to truly turn a profit… especially since I'm only working on this part time as is because of my other family obligations. But I feel like my husband is not on the same page, and he is seriously concerned about why we haven't started selling a ton of shirts already and wants to help "fix it". He suggested today that maybe we should invest in a bundle of pre-made "proven" shirt designs, pay someone to help us re-brand the whole business, and go a completely different direction with our product line. I, on the other hand, feel like I'm still honing our advertising for the concept I already created. I am also really in love with my concept and feel it has great potential… I've received a TON of positive verbal feedback on the idea, but no one has shown their support with their wallets except a couple family members. Because of this, I don't feel like the data we have so far necessarily points towards our brand/product being "what is wrong", more that we haven't found the right market for the products we DO have…

I guess I'm mostly curious who has the more realistic perspective. We have only been "open for business" a total of 23 days and have made one sale that wasn't to family, and that customer has given us rave feedback and promised to send all their friends and family our way. So how do I know if I'm simply marketing to the wrong people and the products really are "sellable" or if the products and brand are what is completely off and we should start over with a new concept…?

Ugh… help!!


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