Got Flipped Off by an Old Man at the Bank

So… I have to make deposits on a daily basis. It's essential to my business and it is part of my routine. Has been for maybe 2 years now. I hated one bank because the ATM spazzed out on me 2 or 3 times and getting my money back was a bit of a hassel. I switched banks and now these machines have been great to me. So yea, I do regular deposits of both checks & cash. Takes time sometimes.

I understand that people are in a rush sometimes. That's what the ATM is for. I use the ATM because my deposits occur when the bank is closed, which is 4 or 5 of the 6 days I go to make my deposit. So, me not being in a rush, I let people go before me even if they come into the bank entrance after. I tell them to ahead because I am going to be awhile. They say thank you, do their stuff and leave. Sometimes people come in mid deposit. If I haven't started with cash then I'll end the transaction with my checks and let them go ahead. If I can't then I do my best to finish up quickly.

Regardless, today the ATM is empty. The bank is open. There's no one around so I go straight to the ATM and start my deposit. I see this old man talking to the bank manager whom I met once. She's nice and I can't help but think, what a lonely old man. He's probably 50-60 years old and trying to hit on this married woman. He lingered like a guy at a bar hitting on a bartender who is being nice to him solely due to the nature of the job. I thought it was cringeworthy because he was like halfway between her desk and where I was.

So then this older man comes into the ATM area. He stands there. Im mid deposit. There's no abort because I already have 2 chunks of cash in and I don't need anyone thinking asking why I made a deposit, did something weird etc. I do things by the book and finishing this deposit matters to me because I need everything to line up with my records.

So this man stands there. Continues standing there. Im thinking… this is fucking uncomfortable. No way he's making a deposit. He was lingering in the bank hitting on the married manager and… the bank was open. If anything he could go straight to a teller and make his withdrawal/deposit whatever. I question whether I should be aggressive and ask if there's a problem but I just am mindful he doesnt get closer or do anything else weird.

Suddenly, "So why don't you do that at the teller?" he asks.

I kind of suspect he's a lonely middle aged man who wants to talk. I want to say, it's none of your business or something but that's not something I like to do in general. It's just not part of my character. I do feel like hes violating my personal space while Im essentially kind of in a vulnerable situation. Regardless.

"Well the bank's closed most of the time, and you know, force of habit," I explained. Beyond that I didnt think he deserved anymore explanation from me.

He responded with, "Cuz this is the 2nd time this week I've seen you do it." I never remembered seeing this guy. I figured he really is despearate to talk but I wasnt there for that. So I continued and finished and took my receipts with me.

The middle aged older man then goes to the ATM. I watch as I start my car directly in front. The man is talking to a lady who is now on line behind him. I figure, I guess hes making a transaction… but that's weird. Why wait for me to finish if he was in a rush…? The teller was free and the bank was empty…

Then it hits me. Did I forget something? Shit. I always kind of panic and think maybe I left some cash or something on the ATM that I forgot to deposit. I see the older man turn away from teh ATM and talk to the lady and then go back to it… He doesn't look like hes doing anything. Or grabbing anything. What the hell? So I put the car in park and look out my window ready to walk back in.

The man then looks at me and gives me the middle finger.

I'm completely shocked and my only reaction is to smile and literally chuckle. Not so much a laugh but like.. wow. Really? Really? I contemplated going in and calling out the man for not saying anything to my face. I think about maybe even fighting the guy. But I just leave. Whatever.

I guess I'm on here asking what you would have done in this situation? Is it really my fault? I mean, fuck. I have to make deposits. I do it everyday and most days the bank is closed. I have a system, as a business owner, and I don't deviate. I also question whether I wimped out. Did I completely shame myself by letting some douchey older man, clearly hitting on the bank manager (poorly), get the better of me? I mean clearly Im at least a bit pissed about this because I wrote it all out. But yea, just thought I'd ask. I love this sub.

I hope I run into this man


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