7 years ago we started a small business…

In July of 2010 my wife and I opened a game center. We are a mix of LAN center, Retro game sales, Console repairs, energy drink distributor, and event venue.

When we started we had 35 stations a few weeks ago we had 95 players on the floor at once. So it's grown quite a bit.

We have plans to expand with another 1250 sq ft area located next door that would be used for a waiting area or overflow area when we are at or near capacity.

I have helped other people looking to open these types of businesses in the past. I have also seen a lot of similar places close after relatively short periods of time 6 months to 2 years.

Normally once the initial set of equipment is outdated or due for an upgrade the company can't find the funds and closes up. I've been able to buy cheap or broken systems over the years and repair them or upgrade them at our own pace.

I see posts about these businesses and how you can't make money doing it. We make our last property payment this summer. Once that's done the monthly overhead is almost nonexistent.

I'd love to talk to anyone doing anything similar or if anyone has plans for something like this I am happy to talk about what we've done and how it's worked for us.



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