Reducing theft in hair salon.

Hello everyone,

I am trying to check if there is theft going on in our 3 hair salons. There are cashiers in each location but since there is no inventory we are exposed to undetected theft. We also have security cameras installed in all locations. We also have signs on our stores "if they don't get a receipt the service is free". We are not sure how effective the sign is though.

We are located in a country where salaries are not that high compared to the first world. I was thinking of hiring a person for a month and analyzing all the video feeds to check the numbers (boring job, I know). Maybe if I check the video feed two months out of the year I can detect if something is going on.

Is this the best approach? or maybe someone has a more efficient idea. Please share if you do.

EDIT: We only run a services business and have a POS system in place.


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