Handing off business to a shelf company

I have a LTD company that I want to get off my hands. I was approached by somebody on the UK business forums website who said that they would take it off my hands for free along with the business bank account plus change the name so I could still use it for sole trader purposes. This guy runs a shelf business company that deals in businesses and their bank accounts.

My account and business are a few months old have never traded and this solution seems a lot more convenient than dealing with HMRC etc.

Is this a legitimate thing? The guy on the phone sounded pretty real (as in he sounded posh British) and his internet presence also appears to be "up to standards". Can I just give him the company and authentication codes and call it a day? He says that he can sell it on for a few hundred pounds which is why he'll take it from me for free. I honestly just want it out of my life.


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